Sunday, July 15, 2012

Butterfly Hunting!

Well, it's been quite awhile since the last time that I blogged.  Not sure why, guess just didn't feel the need.  Anyway this blog is supposed to be about me, my friends and the things I do in  my Second Life. So that means I make the rules!!  hahaha  
Recently Marnie, my friend, and I decided to go on a Butterfly Hunt at Botanica.  We were supplied with the Butterfly cage and the cute hat we are wearing.  The cage is empty to start, and when you find a butterfly it appears in your cage with a touch.  Each butterfly you find, you get a clue to the next one along with a pair of beautiful butterfly wings.
 Butterflies seem to be quick flyers.  Just when you think you are able to catch one, it flies away.  So...I had to be a little sneaky and tip-toe close to it.  Thankfully I grabbed this one before I fell into the fountain.
 The Sim was beautifully decorated.  There were lots of flowers and trees.  After I caught all 12 of the butterflies, I stopped for a rest and talked to the bunnies.  Yes...I talk to animals!!  Do you have something to say about that?
After you find all the butterflies, you are instructed to go into the Butterfly House and release them back into seclusion with the other butterflies.  Don't they look pretty?   Oh...and one more thing....
For finding all the butterflies & releasing them back into the Butterfly House you are rewarded a prize.  One Big Monarch Butterfly to ride!!!   For those of you that know know that I think this is the best gift ever.   I am sooo totally into flying things.   If you get a chance to hunt butterflies...I hope you do!!

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