Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is my life...Pharmacy. Although I am not an actual Pharmacist, I am the next best thing..I am a RL Pharmacy Technician. A friend of mine, Gospel Voom, had told me about a build he was working on...a build called Phamatopia. The Pharmatopia project brings together ten pharmacy schools from around the world with the aim to assess the use of virtual worlds in teaching.
As a Pharmacy technician, I had to visit. I was very impressed with the build, also impressed with the teachings. The first stop was actually a lab that had to do with IV medications. The lab had a test to see what you know about making an IV medication. The next stop was the tablet lab, where you actually have to put on a gown, glasses and hair net. You are instructed to compound a tablet, then you run a series of tests on of them being a test for hardness. While I was there, I did a few of the labs, and sat in on a conference...which I never get to do in RL... hahaha

After working a shift...I had to get a snack out of a hospital vending machine (soo glad they had Pepsi). Then, I did a little socializing...I tried to strike up conversations with the men on the sim. I think they were Pharmacists...cuz they were a little stiff (like the Pharmacists I work with..j/k). was an interesting afternoon. If you work in Pharmacy...I think it is worth your while to go check it out...if your not, go check it out anyway and see what a great builder Gos is.
Here is your helicopter to Pharmatopia

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendship Day ~ August 1, 2010

"Every friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
~Anais Nin

Happy Friendship Day, Scarlotlanders!!!

In 1935, the United States Congress proclaimed the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day. I first heard about it when I was in high school. We were able to buy our friends carnations and they would be delivered to them throughout the school day. It always made me feel really good to be able to see the smile on my friends face when they got one from me.

For as long as I can remember, my friends hold a special place in my heart. My Father died when I was young..and my Mother favored my Brother, so I clung to my friends for comfort. My friends became my family. They accepted me for the good, and the bad. Believe me, I am not the perfect friend. At times, I can be clingy (only cuz my family isn't)..I can be distant also (not believing I deserve friends)...but I do know..I always have time and an ear for my friends.

If you need me..I would drop almost anything (well not a baby though ..haha). I think I treat my friends how I want to be treated.

I want to take this time to say "Thank You" to those who have accepted me into their lives. I hope that I am the kind of friend that you need, and the kind that you want. I know that, at times, I may not be the easiest to get along with, but I do promise you that I will always be here for you, and I will always be true. You are precious to me!! I cherish you!!

Here are a few more friendship quotes that I feel should be shared today.

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend" ~John Leonard

"Friendship is like a perennial river which flows forever. It may change it's path but will never ever dry up." ~Pinaki Prasad Mohanty

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself." ~Unknown

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!!" ~Unknown

On this note....Spread happiness...tell your friends that you love them!! To all my friends out there...and to the friends who I've yet to meet...I love you!! Thank you for being you!!! *MUAH*