Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011


     It's been quite some time since I last written.  I've been busy :)  As you can see by the photo above I have met someone new.    Now, I will tell you the story of how we met.
     As you know,  I have been learning to build.  While taking a class at Builder's Brewery, this man was sitting in front of me.  I noticed his name first.  His name is Wrong Wright.  Cute, huh?  Soooo, of course I had to strike up a conversation with him.  What a better way then to tell him I love his name!  It just so happens that we were in a class to learn how to make sculpties on this one program.  Well, as you can see...I didn't succeed!  I can't even remember the programs name, but I certainly remembered Wrong's name.  We chit-chatted that day but didn't start talking til a week or so later.
    Since then, He has become a special part of my Second Life.  He makes me laugh and smile.  He challenges me even though I don't think he knows it.  I just wanted you all to meet  him and I wanted to thank him being a part of my Second Life.  I heart you, Mr. Wright!! ♥♥♥

Wishing all my friends a Wonderful Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!!
Good-bye 2011
Welcome 2012!!!

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