Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Day in the Office...


Recently, I was asked to help a friend in his rather prestigious Law Office.  He was rather behind in copying Office Manuals that he needed for the office meeting the very next day.  As instructed,  I arrived at the office just before closing time.  My friend figured I could work on the project alone without interruption while he went to a business dinner.  On his way home he would come back to lock up. This would allow me a few hours to complete the manuals.

Working in the office after hours was kinda nice.  It was quiet so I turned on the radio, took off my jacket and went to work.  My friend had recently bragged to me about this top-of-the-line copier he had just purchased, so it was nice to get to use it.  He told me that is was super fast and produced the best copies.  In like no time I had the manuals copied, and put together.  Waiting was never my strong point, I started to let my mind wonder.  Hmmm..would it?..should I?...why not??  Have you ever thought about doing something that is so out of character for yourself?  Well...this was sooo out of character for me, but I've seen it done in the movies so why not, right?  It was NOW OR NEVER... so I hopped onto the copier. 

I made sure I was lined up properly...giggles...Can't believe I am doing this!!!  This is soo out of my character but I do need to live a little!!  All I kept wondering was... How many Secretaries actually do this?  I would imagine they must do this at least once in their career lifetime, right?  Regardless...NO turning back now.

I was really starting to get into this, that the next thing I skirt was off!!  It felt rather good to take a walk on the WILD side for a change.  Laughing...I thought no one is going to believe this!!  Thank Goodness I chose to wear my pretty red panties today!

Time started to fly by.  Looking at the clock I knew that I was cutting it short but I wanted one last shot..I then quickly jumped off and hit the start button.  After about a minute or two, the copier was still copying.  I wondered what that was about, then looked at the machine.  OH NO!!  I must've hit the zero button a couple of time while hopping on or off the machine because it was making a 100 copies of each pose!!! 

Copies were shooting out everywhere!!  I started having a panic attack...what if my friend walked in??  I was pacing back and forth, looking at the copier.  How do you stop this thing from printing???  Just then I heard the ping of the elevator doors...OMG!! What's a girl to do?? 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Photos were taken by Korgi Lerwick
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