Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BBBC Challenge: Day 4 --Age--

Today's Topic: Is your avatar more or less your current biological age?
Do you portray a younger avatar or older? Why is this?

Second life is a place that you can be any age you would like to be. Pick a number and it's yours. There are skins that make you look 12, or perhaps 52. Many people change up for many reasons: fantasy, photos, or just like being younger. Some say they are younger in hopes of meeting an online mate (thinking the person is young themselves). Whatever the case my be, my feeling are...Age is nothing but a number!!!

I have met some people that will not tell you their rl age, and then some really don't care either way. In RL, I am usually in the middle..I have older friends, and younger. In SL, it is really the same way for me. Friendship happens when you enjoy the company of someone else, whether you are exploring, dancing, or just sitting around talking.

I am currently 40 years old. I like to think that my avatar is a similar age. She has a lot of things going for her like I do in real life. She has a purpose (Gallery Co-wner)- job, she owns real estate -a home, she has pets -responsibility, and she has many different circles of friends. She also, like myself, likes to have fun. Just the other day, I dressed in my teddy bear avatar and went friend visiting...well one of my friend's friends changed into a wolf avatar..and started chasing my teddy around...OMG..I was laughing soo hard!! (Nearly wet my shorts) I have been involved in other silly things, and that is ok...laughter keeps me young!!

So my feelings...don't get so hung up on just may loss out on a great relationship or fantastic memories!!

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  1. hey Scarlot, I love wearing silly avatars, me and my friend got dog avatars once, and were running around barking and trying to bite people, it was really funny. anyway I like your blog :)