Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Pat and I have been working so much, with moving the Gallery and all, we finally had a few hours to take a much needed break. We decided to head on out to Hawaii since neither he nor I have been there. We were both pleasantly surprised. Right when you land, you are leid. How is that for service? (giggles-may just have to go there more often) Anyway, there is a butterfly ride at the landing point which will give you a tour of the Island. This was very nice and relaxing--and who don't LOVE butterflies! While your in the air, LOOK AROUND, there are so many activities to do. We windsurfed, rode in a canoe, floated on a raft in the ocean, and even rode on whales!! I seem to have lost the pictures of that ...but boy was it fun! As you can see, I even balanced myself on a rolling log...and believe me...if I can do it...so can you!! I am so uncoordinated. I run into walls all the time, ask anyone close to me!! hehehe

While on the canoes, Pat and I decided to have a little contest. Who can find Jack Sparrow first?? Well, as you can see....I won!! Shhhh...don't tell him, but I cheated!! I can't control those canoes, so I left it and flew to find Jack. I needed a little alone time with him...isn't he dreamy?? Be careful, he offers you a drink..who knows what he would do to you if you drank too many!! Don't say I didn't warn you!

When you want to slow it down and relax there are many things to do there. There are chairs on the docks and beaches. There are places just to be with your special someone. There is a beautiful waterfall with a rainbow!! You will have to go see for yourself.

Ya know...I grew up in a camping family. I learned the etiquette of being around a fire at an early age. What I failed to learn..as you can see in the photo above...NEVER GO NEAR A FIRE IN A GRASS SKIRT!! Luckily, the fire was very near the water and Pat was walking behind me! He pushed me until I was under the water....He's my Hero!!!

So...when you get a chance...head to Hawaii http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hawaii/73/122/26/ Oh..almost forgot to tell you....you can rez there...so take some poses and have a great time!! :)

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