Thursday, June 17, 2010

BBBC : Day 5 --What's in a name??

What's in a name??

Today is free day on the Big Bad Blogger Challenge. Meaning we are free to write anything that comes to mind. Well...have I got lots to talk about...

Those who know me well, know that I am a Co-Owner of Lochlann Gallery- a SL Art Gallery. We are fairly new since we have only had our Grand Opening on June 1st. We display SL Photographs and SL Artwork. We have a great collection right now. Many of my fellow SL friends, and fellow Plurkers are featured.

Pat had the opportunity to build this gallery on school funded land. We built an amazing place, had our Grand Opening Party and then about a week later by accident the land owner auto-returned it to us. Our Gallery was a skybox, and she thought it would be great to put us on some of the land. She was trying to divide the land..and pressed that magical return button. Pat was off line at the time...I was relaxing on the Sol Mananero Sim...taking some pics for our blog..when I started getting boxes and boxes back....OMG...I had no idea what was happening. I started having a panic attack!! All I could think of was all the hard work and hours it took to put it all together. Well, I got an IM from her apologizing...I told her not to worry about it, that things happen. She explained about giving us land space...I stopped worrying and grew excited. My mind started racing thinking of all the possibilities.

Well, a few days later we were given our piece of land for Lochlann Gallery. Along with a notecard stating the covenant she wished. She wished that the buildings on the land would have the "old world" feeling. Well, for those who have been to the Gallery, you know that our building would not fit into this theme. She had also cut our prim count quite drastically, so those ideas in my head were automatically silenced. With this being said, Pat and I made an executive decision to move the Gallery.

We have moved the Gallery to a beautiful parcel. The Gallery is still a skybox, only cuz it was soo large. We put it on the ground and it took up the whole parcel. But....we did change a few things, and we now have a garden dance area on the ground where we will have special events. They say things happen for a reason. This was a disaster at first, but now it is a true blessing.

So, what's in a name? Our gallery was called Lochlann Gallery due to the fact that we were located on Lochlann. Well, now since we moved, it seems a little silly. We are currently looking for a new name for our "baby." I am thinking that we should stay clear of land names. We could really use your help...if you know of a great name...please IM Pat Kenaan or myself and give us your suggestion.

Oh...and be on the look-out!!! I'm thinking another party is in the making...don't have dates or times yet will want to be there!! Take care & come see us!!

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