Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for thinking

The last few days have been simply chaotic for me!!

I am finally taking time out for myself. I am trying this new Yoga pad I purchased, hopefully it won't be like all the other exercise equiptment that I have my clean laundry hanging on. I decided to put this one outside on my deck, since that is where I most like to be. Outside.

If any of you decide to stop by the gallery, don't worry. We did NOT close shop! Our landlady, Marla, decided to section off her mainland so that she could give us a piece of it... and in doing so accidently hit that auto-return button. Needless to say...I totally had a panic attack when I get a notice saying items were being returned to me from Lochlann. As soon as Marla divies up the land we will be back in business. Although, I am feeling happy to have a little free time to catch up on me.

Did I tell you that I had a REZ day?? Yep, this girl has been here a year already! Amazing how time just flies. Sometimes I sit back and just smile. I smile because I think about all the friends I have made in SL. Friends all over the world. How neat is that? One of my best friends live in the UK!!! In my rl...that would never happen. Thank you friends for being who you are!! I love you all :)

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  1. It's important to put time to yourself on your to-do list, and yoga outside - delightful!