Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge: Day 2

Topic Question: List 3 Postitive things about your Second life/Real Life
I've had so many positive things happen for me in my Second Life lately, I am not really sure where to start. But I will....
First of all...Friends!!...the picture is a collage of some of the people that have made my second life a great experience. These people have touched my life in so many ways. Many of them I have laughed with almost to the point of wetting myself, some have witnessed plenty of my virtual tears. Each of these people ( plus some that aren't pictured-they know who they are) mean the world to me. I could not imagine my second life without them. Thanks guys!!
Second...Lochlann Gallery!! ..You can NOT imagine how much joy I get out of this creation. This is a dream. Who would've thought that I could help put such a place together. Second Life Photography is simply amazing! How people can be so creative is beyond me! I am so glad that we have put together a place to show what can be done. We have sooo many ideas!! If you have any ideas please...let me know!!!
Last but not least....Pat!!...He is the most positive man. He always had a kind word. He has such patience with me. He always has a way of boosting my confidence. He has brought joy into my second life. Before I met him, I was ready to quit...he gave me a purpose. Ask anyone who knows him..I speak the truth when it comes to this man!! This is why he is special to me.

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